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A small, yet growing, number of Americans are using European economic strategies.

These strategies help pay mortgages off sooner, finance vehicles, or fund business expenses and retirement.

most of those americans are CREATING GENERATIONAL wealth.

are you interested in finding out some of these strategies?

Saving in 2022 Doesn't Look the Same As It Did in 1992 

Create a Family Bank for Savings & Retirement.

Earn Tax Exempt Dividends while Saving.

The benefits of creating a Tax Exempt Family Bank and using it as a Retirement Account can be a game changer for your family. 

If you are looking for a strategy or alternative to 401k's and IRA's that avoid the penalties and restrictions, we design specialized savings accounts wrapped in whole life insurance policies. While earning gauranteed dividends, all of life's major expenses can be saved for and paid for with these accounts. These savings accounts are not offered at banks. 

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In 2023, will you regret letting 2022 money strategies pass you by?

Want to Stay Updated?

What is a Private Vault Account? 

How Can One Work for You?

a wide variety of programs

tailor made to fit almost any goal

 - High Yield Tax Exempt Retirement Plans

No Early Withdraw Penalties

- Estate Planning - Financing for Real Estate 

- College Funds Mortgage Insurance

$1000 challenge:

a Bank Savings Account


a Private Vault Account

Buying a Tesla


Paying a Mortgage inside

Private Vault Account

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